8500 LB Presentation

8,500 LB Rolling Bridge Jack

The original. 8,500 LB Rolling Bridge Jack. Made in America. Dual Air Bag design. Proven in over 30 years of real world experience.


8500 LB Presentation

Rolling Bridge Jack – 8500 LB

8500-lb-rolling-jack - g

Decades ago, in a land far, far away…. No wait, that was Texas! Anyway we invented this popular rolling bridge jack and the rest is history!

Others have tried to copy it around the world, but there is none better, nor more Made in America, nor with practical experience, than our original model. Still built the same way. Weighs over 300 lbs too.

This jack will give you years of service, and some have been in use for over 30 years! (Try that with your cheap, unknown steel, Chinese model from guys in California who claim to make them in America!)

Made for 12-15,000 LB Four Post lifts. Includes truck adaptors. Adjustable Arms. Twin Air Bags and power unit.

8500 LB Presentation

We can also make it fit 4 Post lifts made by others, if they are built the right way, of course.