How Leasing Helps Your Bottom Line


  • YOU KEEP A COMPETITIVE EDGE – By acquiring the use of the latest technology to replace inefficient, obsolete equipment, which increases your company’s operating efficiency, productivity and profits.

  • YOU DON’T NEED A DOWN PAYMENT – Leasing is the convenient and affordable alternative to purchasing. “100% Financing” makes leasing well suited to any budget.

  • YOU PRESERVE YOU BANK CREDIT LINES – Retain flexibility and keep your bank credit lines available for other purposes. A lease may help you overcome the constraints of bank loan covenants by moving obligations “off balance sheet”. A lease line of credit provides a new source of liquidity.

  • YOU MAY REALIZE TAX BENEFITS – Your lease payments are usually 100% tax-deductible as a business expense. The cost of leasing on an after-tax basis can be lower than owning.

  • YOU IMPROVE YOUR CASH FLOW & WORKING CAPITAL – Maintain your cash position and increase your liquidity. Use your cash to improve your organization through research, training or in other ways.

  • YOU GET A HEDGE AGAINST INFLATION – Acquire equipment at today’s prices, but make lease payments with tomorrow’s less expensive dollars.

  • YOU AVOID CAPITAL BUDGET AND ADMINISTRATIVE CONSTRAINTS – Bypass the long-range planning often required for capital equipment expenditures, and use operating funds to satisfy lease payment obligations. Act more quickly to meet competitive challenges.

  • YOU SIMPLIFY BUDGETING – Customize the frequency, size and duration of the lease payments to suit your capital and operating budget needs.

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