Mobile Home Stacker



Mobile Home Stacker Lift
7,000 Pound Capacity


Great for Home, Business, storage or light vehicle repair.

Our American Lift has plenty of options. Multiple length, height and weight capacities available.

  • Mobile with optional steel casters
  • Commercial grade cylinder
  • Anti-spread column bolt stabilizes column
  • Low profile steel approach ramps
  • Multiple locking positions
  • Aircraft quality cables
  • Assembly Instructions included


  • Casters: Move the lift where you want it! No anchors. Neoprene coated to protect floors.
  • Jack Tray: Just add bottle jacks and you’re ready to do tire and brake work.
  • Aluminum Ramps: Lighter than the standard steel ramps so are easily removed when you want to store a car.
  •  Drip Tray: Protect the lower car from drips.
  • Key Switch: No one can operate the lift without the key. Great for families with kids.
  • Solid Deck: For any type of storage. Available in Steel or Aluminum.
cargo-opt-1Casters: Move the lift where you want it! No anchors. cargo-opt-2Drip Tray: Protect the lower vehicle from drips. Usually buy 3.
cargo-opt-3Solid Deck: Add storage versatility. Available in Steel or Aluminum. cargo-opt-4Key Switch: Need key to operate. Great for families with kids.
cargo-opt-5Aluminum Ramps: Lighter than the steel ramps. More easily removed or installed. Plus look great. cargo-opt-6Steel Jack Tray: Use your bottle jacks and you're can lift car for tire or break work.